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Missouri Introduces Payroll Legislation

Unclaimed Property As State Revenue: A Warning from North Carolina

Virginia Guidance Regarding "Promotional Incentives"

Did You Know? Holiday Edition

Breaking News: New Jersey Gift Card Rules Further Postponed Until 1/18

Connecticut Digs Out of Deficit Using Unclaimed Property (at least, for now)

Programming Note: Off Until 12/21

South Carolina Holds Online Unclaimed Property Auction

How We Got Here - In 30 Lines or Less

Did You Know? Fred Clarke's Secretary Edition

Industry Spoke, Goverment Listened - Changes to the Cayman Dormant Accounts Law

Massaschusetts Authorities Probe Attempted Unclaimed Property Theft

Utah Proposed Regulation Relating to Real Estate Deposit Funds

Happy Thanksgiving!

IRS Announces $164.6 Million in Unclaimed Tax Refunds

Michigan Issues Notice Regarding Unclaimed Property Law Changes

Spike TV's Auction Hunters: Unclaimed Property Comes to Realty TV

Breaking News: Federal Court Enjoins Parts of NJ Gift Card Law

Unclaimed Property in the Eastern Carribean (No, Not Pirate Treasure)

Did You Know?

Meet Your (New) Escheator - Elections Have Impact on Unclaimed Property Administrators (Part 2 - Nebraska to Wyoming)

Meet Your (New) Escheator - Elections Have Impact on Unclaimed Property Administrators (Part 1 - Alabama to Massachusetts)

New Hampshire Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging State Reuinification Efforts

New York Case Underscores Need for Internal Controls

Did You Know?

Delaware Publishes Unclaimed Property Owners' List - Why The World Should Be Watching

More on the New Jersey Litigation - Money Order Issuers Join The Act

Unclaimed Property Makes An Appearance on the Campaign Trail

It's Reporting Day

Lure of Escheat Too Much for 87 Alleged Criminals

Did You Know?

Guidance on Vermont's Limitation of Lookback Provision

Ding! You Have Money!

More NJ Gift Card Legislation

Did You Know?

UPPO to Host Stored Value Card Seminar

Unclaimed Property Inferno Comes to Corporate Paradisio: Cayman Islands and the Dormant Accounts Law

NJ Issues Money Order Reporting Instructions

Did You Know? - Seriously?

Michigan Unclaimed Property Changes Become Law

NJRMA v. New Jersey - Overview of the New Jersey Gift Card Litigation

Breaking News: New Jersey Sued Over Unclaimed Property Legislation

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property Webinar on Thursday

Did You Know? - No Abandoned Milk Money

States Make Creative Attempts to Return Unclaimed Property

Using Unclaimed Property to Balance the Budget

Auctioning Unclaimed Property in Missouri

NJ Unclaimed Property Changes -- The Saga Continues

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UPPO Comments on Proposed Michigan Legislation

A Look at the Other Side: Unclaimed Property "Finders"

NJ Publishes Gift Card Reporting Guidelines

New Jersey: More Pending Stored Value Card Activity

Did You Know? Friday

Finding the Owners of Unclaimed Property -- Here's a Hint: Look to the Left of Nevada

California Preemption Decison with Unclaimed Property Implications

The Screen Actors Guild & Unclaimed Royalties (a Sequel)

Interesting Two Part Series on Canadian Unclaimed Property