Ding! You Have Money!

While unclaimed property holders all over the country are busily preparing annual unclaimed property reports
for the 40+ states with fall/winter deadlines, other states are likewise busy trying to return property to owners.  For example, Missouri has just announced an E-mail notification program for unclaimed property whereby Show-Me-Staters (or former Show-Me-Staters) can provide the State Treasurer's office with their current and former Missouri addresses and they will receive email notification when the state comes into custody of unclaimed property owed to that person.

Separately, in Pennsylvania, the State Treasurer issued a press release to highlight nearly $600,000 in unclaimed property owed to Police, Fire Departments and EMS agencies. 

As states continue to expand their escheat laws to funnel an ever-increasing scope and volume of unclaimed property into state coffers, its nice to see other states similarly expanding their owner reunification programs.

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