Meet Your (New) Escheator - Elections Have Impact on Unclaimed Property Administrators (Part 2 - Nebraska to Wyoming)

We continue our two part series on the election results and new (or newly-reelected) state unclaimed property executives.  We are going alphabetically; part one covering Alabama through Massachusetts, can be found here

We begin part two with Nebraska.  As we mentioned earlier, Cornhuskers at the polls actually had two Treasury-related decisions to make.  First, who to elect as State Treasurer, and second, whether or not to keep the office of State Treasurer altogether.  By an overwhelming margin, Nebraskans decided to keep the position.  Congratulations to Don Stenberg, who gets (and gets to keep) the job.

Your other winning state escheators are as follows (Individuals listed are newly-elected, or reelected, State Treasurers unless another position is specified):

Nevada - Kate Marshall
New Mexico - James B. Lewis
New York - Thomas DiNapoli (State Comptroller)
Ohio - Josh Mandel
Oklahoma - Ken Miller
Rhode Island - Gina Raimondo
South Carolina - Curtis Loftis
South Dakota - Rich Stattgast
Texas - Susan Combs (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
Vermont - Jeb Spaulding
Wisconsin - Kurt Schuller
Wyoming - Joe Meyer

Congratulations to all those elected or re-elected.  If we missed a state, contact us at admin at escheatable dot com.

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