Did You Know? President's Day Edition

 It's time again for Did You Know?  On DYK days here at Escheatable, we try provide you with interesting information regarding the unclaimed property laws to amaze your friends and frighten your enemies.

In honor of President's Day, Escheatable is highlighting some of the unclaimed property owed to presidents.  New York, for example, is holding property for George Washington (as well as Bill Clinton and Martin Van Buren).  California is holding property for Abe Lincoln (and George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy).  New Jersey is holding property for its own Woodrow Wilson (he was born in Virginia, but ran for office as a resident of New Jersey).  Nor are only the most well-known presidents entitled to escheated funds.  There are items for Warren HardingRutherford Hayes, James K. Polk, and Grover Cleveland.  Even Sam Houston, the first (and third) President of The Republic of Texas is owed money in his (adopted) home state. 

As we celebrate President's Day today, lets honor those who appear on our money by (among other things) teaching others how to find their own.

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