State of Hawaii Holding Thousands in Unclaimed Property for State of Hawaii

One of the things that Escheatable regularly mentions is unclaimed property that is being held for many of the same state agencies that are suffering significant budget restrictions.  In response to myriad tax, fee, and surcharge increases, governments will often opine that "every little bit counts."  No doubt that is true.  It has increasingly become clear, however, that one of the places that many of these governments can start is by collecting unclaimed property that is being held for the state's behalf.  Some time ago, Escheatable mention a situation in California where the state was holding property for its own coffers.

Recently, according to a article written by Greg Wiles of the Hawaii Reporter, the State of Hawaii has been added to the list of states holding tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed property for various state departments and officials.  Among these amounts are in excess of $20,000 owed to the state department of Education and affiliated entities.  While this money will probably not solve all of Hawaii's budget challenges, every little bit counts.

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