Who Watches the Watchers? A Follow-Up on the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office

As we covered earlier, a philly.com story noted that the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office may owe the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania millions in unclaimed property.  According to the initial article  the Sheriff's Office has not filed an unclaimed property report since 2006 (after having escheated in excess of $5 million over the 2002-05 period).

Recently, philly.com posted a follow-up story, reporting that the Treasurer's Office has given the Sheriff two months to attempt to determine how much money is owed to the Commonwealth.  Because of a lack of records, the office is having a hard time determining what, if anything is owed, and to whom. Assuming that the precise funds at issue are never found, it is an open question what, if anything, the Treasury Department will do to the Sheriff's Office.  It would be perverse if additional taxpayer money was required to be paid from the Sheriff's Office to the Treasury as an estimate of property that is due and owing to taxpayers.

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