SoundExchange - Unclaimed Royalties for Musicians

SoundExchange is a not-for-profit performance rights organization that collects and distributes royalties from internet radio (e.g., Pandora), satellite radio (e.g., SIRIUS XM), and cable television platforms to the musical artists who own the copyrights of those works.  Of course, as we've discussed previously with regard to movie royalties, it is sometimes the case that the artist(s) cannot be located.  In these instances SoundExchange maintains a list of unpaid royalties owed to artists.  If, before you got your start in unclaimed property, you were the member of boy-band, pop group, or Classically-influenced country metal hardcore punk hip-hop jazz fusion outfit, check to see if SoundExchange is holding royalties for you.

Included on the list are some of Escheatable's old favorites, including Annihilator and Kreator.

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