UPPO to Offer Foreign Unclaimed Property Webinar

Unclaimed property laws outside the U.S. have been a regular topic here for quite some time.  Those looking to bolster their knowledge and understanding of non-U.S. unclaimed property laws, and how U.S. laws deal with property owed to non-U.S. owners may want to check out the webinar below.

On May 26, 2011, the Unclaimed Property Professionals' Organization is hosting a webinar on Foreign Unclaimed Property.  The webinar will cover the basics concerning the reporting and delivery of unclaimed property owed to non-U.S. holder, and provide information concerning the unclaimed property laws of jurisdictions outside the U.S.  (Full disclosure:  the author of this blog is one of the presenters).

The UPPO is probably the most well-known and active organization committed to representing the holders of unclaimed property.  Along with these webinars, the UPPO offers other educational information, networking events, contacts with state officials, and other invaluable opportunities for unclaimed property professionals.  Whether you are new to the field of unclaimed property and looking for help with the basics, or a seasoned veteran looking to expand your knowledge base and contacts, UPPO membership is highly recommended.

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