Did You Know? NFL Lockout Edition

Earlier this week, the National Football League and its Players' Association agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement, meaning that football should go on uninterrupted for the next 10 years everywhere from New York to Los Angeles Oakland.  The recent dispute between the NFL and its players, of course, largely centered around money.  The NFL and the players each argued that the other was getting too much of it.

What does this have to do with unclaimed property?  Well, if the NFL and the Players' Association want to bring in more revenue, they can start by collecting the amounts they are already owed.  The National Football League and the Players' Association both have money waiting for them at the New York Office of Unclaimed Funds and the Washington DC CFO's Office, respectively.  The New York Giants also have money waiting for them in New Jersey, which is, of course, the state in which they (as well as the Jets) are located.

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