Unclaimed Property Crime Blotter V - This Time, it's an Inside Job

Welcome to another installment of Escheatable's Unclaimed Property Crime Blotter.  This probably doesn't come as a surprise to most, but because the states are holding on to millions of dollars in unclaimed property on behalf of missing, deceased, unknown, or forgetful owners, some less than scrupulous people think that there is an opportunity to make some easy money.  Many file false claims.  Others take advantage of the relationships with others who have valid claims to make a buck.  Sometimes, it's (allegedly) an inside job:

According to Fox 23 of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a former employee of the State Treasurer's office is charged with stealing unclaimed property held by the state on at least three occasions.  According to the article, the accused conspired with others to make, process, and collect false claims paid out by the state's unclaimed property program.  A copy of the full indictment is available from the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office.

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