Examples of Unclaimed Property: Uncashed Checks, Dormant Accounts, Suitcases Full of Cash

Gone are the days when unclaimed property laws applied only to dormant bank accounts and unredeemed insurance policies.  Today's laws are increasingly broad, and apply to nearly every type of property you can imagine (and, by virtue of the catch-all "all other property" provision, even some types of property you can't imagine).

Nonetheless, there does not seem to be any provision of the Australian unclaimed property laws that expressly cover suitcases containing "roughly $1.28 million in $50 bills."  According to Yahoo's blog The Sideshow, that's exactly what someone left in a Sydney cafe on Tuesday.  Police are investigating.

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers.  As well as a happy St. George's Day, Labor Thanksgiving Day, and Dan Državnosti elsewhere.

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