Unclaimed Property News Roundup

Some miscellaneous items while you're still basking in you post-fall reporting freedom:

Delaware Publishes Unclaimed Property Owner List -- On October 28, Delaware published its most recent list of unclaimed property being held by the state.  As we noted last year at this time, because of Delaware's interpretation of the priority rules of Texas v. New Jersey (in particular, that foreign-owned property held by Delaware incorporated entities is escheatable to Delaware) this is probably bigger news to large non-U.S. companies than it necessarily is for Delaware residents.

Oklahoma Publishes FY 2011 Reclaim Stats -- Oklahoma has recently published a chart showing the amounts it paid in FY 2011.  According to the information the state paid out amounts as little as $0.03 and at least one claim in excess of $1 million.  While total reclaim dollar amounts were not disclosed the unclaimed property department of the Sooner State apparently paid out on more than 12,000 claims in the past year.

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