Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unclaimed Property News Roundup:

Big Badger State Reclaim -- Who says that unclaimed property can only be a modest amount of money?  According to the Chicago Tribune, one Wisconsin woman received nearly a quarter of a million dollars in unclaimed municipal bonds from the Wisconsin Department of Treasury.

Louisiana to Release Annual Unclaimed Property List -- According to NBC 33 News in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, State Treasurer John Kennedy will release the newest list of unclaimed property owners in the Pelican State

Kenyan Unclaimed Property Law Awaiting Presidential Approval -- According to The Standard of Nairobi, Kenya, that country's proposed Unclaimed Financial Assets Bill is awaiting sign off by Kenya's President.  As we noted earlier, the proposed law is very broad in scope and appears to be based upon the Uniform Unclaimed Property Acts in use in the United States.

Pennsylvania Luring Holiday Shoppers -- Fox 43 (Harrisburg, PA), is reporting that Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord is pitching the Pennsylvania Treasury's eBay site as a "convenient alternative" to the long lines and hassles of traditional retail stores.

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