Ohio on Offense and Defense

No, we're not talking about college football, or even pro football, we're talking about unclaimed property. 

First the offense:

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Ohio Attorney General's office is bringing criminal charges against a Columbus man who is accused of offering to help people file claims for unclaimed property, but failing to turn that property over.  If you believe that you were a victim of the scam, you can contact the Ohio Attorney General's Office here.

Next, the defense:

As we mentioned a long time ago, for several years, Ohio's unclaimed property program has been defending a class action lawsuit brought by consumers who say that the state should pay interest on unclaimed property amounts ultimately recovered by their rightful owners.  Ohio recently settled that litigation, and consumers who have reclaimed property from the state since August, 2000 are due an additional $9.5 million that the state has agreed to pay.  Information on the settlement, and on how you go about making a claim for interest (if you are a member of the settlement class) can be found here.

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