Meet Your New Escheators! (Actually, say "Hello Again")

In case you missed it (owing, no doubt to the total lack of media coverage) yesterday was Election Day.  While most news focused upon the notable federal elections, there were also seven races to elect executive officials responsible for administering state unclaimed property programs.  In every case, the incumbent will continue on the job: 

Indiana -- Greg Zoeller was reelected as the Attorney General of the State of Indiana.  In Indiana, the AG's office is responsible for that state's unclaimed property program.

Missouri -- Clint Zweifel was reelected as Missouri State Treasurer.  Treasurer Zweifel is no stranger to these pages, as he was the subject of our first "Meet Your Escheator" interview.

North Carolina -- Janet Cowell was reelected State Treasurer.

Pennsylvania -- Rob McCord was reelected State Treasurer.

Utah -- Richard Ellis was reelected State Treasurer.

Vermont -- Beth Pearce was elected to her first full term as State Treasurer (though she was already serving as a result of an executive appointment).

West Virginia -- John Purdue was reelected State Treasurer.

Best of luck to all of them.

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