Politicians - They're Just Like Us (Unclaimed Property Edition)

Yesterday's Oklahoman had an article about unclaimed property being held by the state for a variety of state elected officials, including the Lieutenant Governor.  One might think that elected officials and government entities (so closely involved with the government of the state) would be well aware of state unclaimed property laws, and would thus be quick to notice and claim any property that was surrendered to the state.  One might think that.  One would be wrong.  In just a small sample:

The California Secretary of State's Office and Franchise Tax Board both have property held by the State Controller's Office.  The Florida Department of Insurance, New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, and Mississippi State Treasurer all have property held in their own states.

Former Governors Mitt Romney (MA), Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA), and Jim McGreevey (NJ) all have unclaimed property being held for them by a variety of states.

Moving to even higher elective office, President Barack Obama has property waiting for him in Texas, while the last President from Texas, George W. Bush, has money being held for him in D.C. (reported by the State of Maine).

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