Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WSJ on the Delaware Dichotomy

We recently featured an editorial that ran in Investors Business Daily (and other places) in which the President of the Council on State Taxation outlined a number of ways in which Delaware's administration of unclaimed property is not in keeping with its business-friendly image. Those arguments were echoed in  yesterday's Wall Street Journal, which ran an article entitled "Delaware Shows Two Faces" (subscription required).  The article outlines the Delaware Dichotomy:  One the one hand, Delaware has a well entrenched  status as the corporate home of choice for corporate America.  On the other, Delaware is also almost uniformly recognized as the most aggressive (and some would say, overly aggressive) state in claiming "unclaimed" property (which, as the earlier COST editorial pointed out is sometimes not unclaimed property at all).  The whole article is worth a read.

Speaking of Delaware, in a guest article on the Unclaimed Property Professionals' Organization blog, Delaware attorney Brenda Mayrack posts a timely reminder that the clock is ticking for holders wishing to take advantage of the Delaware Secretary of State's Voluntary Disclosure Program.


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