New Missouri Program Allows Owners to Donate Unclaimed Property Directly to Charities

The State of Missouri's unclaimed property program is no stranger to these pages.  State Treasurer Clint Zweifel was the first participant in our "Meet Your Escheator" interview feature.  The state has rolled out a variety of new and different owner unification programs (i.e., ways to reunite owners with their money) such as an email notification program and unclaimed property kiosks at state agencies where citizens can search for forgotten funds.

Now the Show Me State has a new unclaimed property program, allowing residents to donate unclaimed property to charity.  Under this initiative, once an owner's claim is processed and verified by the state, the owner will have the option of donating the property directly to one of a number of Missouri-based or national charities.  More information about the program -- as well as the beneficiary charities -- can be found at the State Treasury's page here.

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