Welcome to Fall (Reporting Season)

Labor Day has just passed, the kids are back at school (or will be, shortly) and the (unofficial) end of Summer has passed.  Next up for unclaimed property professionals is the Fall reporting season.  As of today, we are 60 days out from the November 1 reporting deadline in a few dozen states.  Due diligence letters have (hopefully) been sent out, and the process of preparing the Fall reports will now begin in earnest.  As we being the annual crunch to get the reports out the door on schedule, consider if there is anything you can do today to prevent the last minute rush, or to adopt new lessons learned.

Need to learn new lessons?  New to unclaimed property reporting?  Consider checking out the Unclaimed Property Professionals' Organization Holder Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia on September 17 & 18.  The agenda can be found here.  As always, the Seminar is designed for beginning and intermediate unclaimed property professionals and address a number of both general and specialized topics.  Full disclosure:  the author is a member of UPPO and will be one of the speakers.  (Completely unrelated aside:  the "Unclaimed Property Buzz" seminar on the first day should be fascinating and entertaining).

Whether you need to learn the basics or sharpen you the skills you've already learned, consider checking it out.

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