Meet Your New Escheators (Or, In Some Cases, Welcome Back)

Most state unclaimed property divisions are part of the Department of the State Treasurer or Department of Revenue (the latter, some would argue, is quite telling).  In any event, that means that the head of the state’s unclaimed property program in many states is an elected official.  There most recent election cycle featured a number of State Treasurer, State Auditor, or Attorney General races, and starting in 2015 we will have some new (or re-elected) officials dealing with unclaimed property issues.  Meet your escheators (elected State Treasurer unless otherwise noted):

 Alabama -- Young Boozer
Arizona -- Jeff DeWit
Arkansas -- Andrea Lea (State Auditor)
California -- Betty Yee (State Controller)
Colorado -- Walker Stapleton
Connecticut -- Denise Nappier
Florida -- Jeff Atwater (State CFO)
Idaho -- Ron Crane
Illinois -- Mike Frerichs
Iowa -- Michael Fitzgerald
Kansas -- Ron Estes
Massachusetts --Deb Goldberg
Nebraska -- Don Stenberg
Nevada -- Dan Schwartz
Rhode Island -- Seth Magaziner
South Carolina -- Curtis Loftis
South Dakota -- Rich Sattgast
Vermont -- Beth Pearce
Wisconsin -- Matt Adamczyk
Wyoming -- Mark Gordon

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