Monday, November 12, 2018

Election Day Roundup -- Meet Your New (and Returning) Escheators

You may not have noticed, given that there was almost no news coverage of it, but this past Tuesday was Election Day in the United States.  While the consequences of that election on national policies are being hotly debated, there were several elections that may impact the future course of unclaimed property policies.  Most state unclaimed property offices are run by an elected State Treasurer (or State Comptroller).  There were several such elections this week.  Among the new (in bold) or returning unclaimed property elected officials are:

Alabama -- John McMillan
Arkansas -- Andrea Lea (Auditor of State)
California -- Betty Yee (State Comptroller)
Colorado -- Dave Young
Connecticut -- Shawn Wooden
Florida -- Jimmy Patronis
Idaho -- Judy Ellsworth
Illinois -- Michael Frerichs
Iowa -- Michael Fitzgerald
Kansas -- Jake LaTurner
Massachusetts -- Deb Goldberg
Nebraska -- John Murante
Nevada -- Zach Conine
New York -- Thomas DiNapoli (State Comptroller)
Oklahoma -- Randy McDaniel
Rhode Island -- Seth Magaziner
South Carolina -- Curtis Loftis
South Dakota -- Josh Haeder
Texas -- Glenn Hegar
Vermont -- Elizabeth Pearce
Wyoming -- Curt Meier

Congratulations to these new officials.


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