Operation Extra Mile: Reuniting Missouri Veterans With Their Property

We've spent a fair amount of time here lately discussing some of the more unique holder reunification efforts.  Today's comes from the Missouri Unclaimed Property Division, which bills itself as "Missouri's Largest Lost & Found."  Missouri is no stranger to unique and expanded holder notification efforts; in fact, the state's email notification program is a simple, but effective way for people to keep in touch with their property.  Many of us, in fact, have moved our physical or work address several times in the past few years, but retain the same email account.

Anyway, today's featured reunification effort is Operation "Extra Mile".  The Missouri Treasurer's office has teamed up with the Missouri Veterans' Commission in a database-matching project intended to ensure that Missouri Veterans get their money.  If you or a friend is a veteran who ever lived, worked, or frequently traveled to Missouri, check the database out.

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