Lost & Found: Connecticut Records, UP Official Sentenced, Politics (but not really)

Connecticut Sets Unclaimed Property Record:  Add Connecticut to the list of states that have set unclaimed property collection or reunification records this year.  According to the Hartford Business Journal, the Nutmeg State returned more than $83.5 million to rightful owners this year, an increase of $30 million over last year.  A large part of the record came from a single claim for $32.8 million -- the largest claim in state history -- relating to stock held by the state for a single individual.

Former Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Auditor Sentenced:  A few months ago, we mentioned the story of LaTisha Reid, the former Oklahoma unclaimed property auditor charged with stealing unclaimed property from the state.  Reid ultimately pled guilty to some two dozen felonies and was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison.  Kids, crime doesn't pay. 

What Do Both Parties Have in Common?:  As you may know, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC ended last night, with a speech by the President.  The previous week, the Republican National Convention was held in Tampa, FL.  Now, we try to keep it bipartisan here at Escheatable, but what do the parties have in common?  Unclaimed property.  According to a search on Missing Money, both parties have funds held for them by the states. 

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