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Reminder: California Reports Due Tomorrow for Holders Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

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Fall Reporting Extension Information

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Two Different Traveler's Check Stories, Same Ending

West Virginia Treasurer Sues 10 Insurance Companies Over Unclaimed Property Compliance

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No "Easy Button" for Delaware VDAs: Pricetag of Staples Settlement Disclosed -- $8.9 Million

Illinois Unclaimed Property Auction Kicking Off Today

Ohio on Offense and Defense

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While We Were Out: Legislative Updates From Around the Country

5Ws: CFPB to Review State Gift Card Laws

Regulation is the Beginning, Not the End

Lost & Found: WSJ on Life Insurers (Again), Unclaimed Property in Paradise (and Minnesota)

States Continue To Set Reunification Records

Here We Go Again

Private Corporations Are Not The Only Ones With Unclaimed Property: St. Louis Court Sitting on $7.6 Million

Breaking News: Delaware Secretary of State VDA Process Signed Into Law

Illinois State Treasury Announces Launch of "I-Cash" Program

Mid-Atlantic Minute: Updates from New York, New Jersey & Delaware

New Jersey Gift Card Legislation Passes

Breaking News: New Jersey Legislature Passes Gift Card Bill, Legislation Headed to Governor (Updated)

Finder's Fees and Unclaimed Property

Michigan "B2B" Exemption Passes

Lost & Found: New Jersey Gift Card Editorials, Missouri Breaks Records, South Carolina Returns Money to Lawmakers, West Virginia Treasuer Honored

New Jersey Gift Card Repeal Legislation Continues Progress

WSJ Article on "Inactivity" Standard for Brokerage Accounts

Upcoming Events: UPPO Holders Seminar on July 16-17

Unclaimed Property 101 Part 2 ("Where") - Jurisdiction - What State Makes the Rules?

MetLife Announces Multi-State Examination Settlement

NJ Legislative Research Office: Gift Cards Worth $20-$25 Million Per Year to State

An Introduction to Unclaimed Property - Part I (Who)

An Update on the Kenyan Unclaimed Property Act

Lost & Found: PA Reporting Deadline, OK Trial Set to Begin, Philly Sheriff Settles (. . . and Cookies!)

New Jersey Issues (Misleading) "Real Story" on Gift Cards; Trade Group Counters With (Somewhat Misleading) Response