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Unclaimed Property News Roundup: From East to West

WSJ Article on Unused Gift Cards

Biggest. Claim. Ever.

Unclaimed Property News Roundup: More Life Insurance Disputes, Missouri Gift Card Reminder and UK "Heir Hunters"

Breaking News: Michigan Offering Unclaimed Property Amnesty in For A Short Time

ABC News: IRS Has Nearly 100,000 Unclaimed Refunds

Unclaimed Property News Roundup:

A New Jersey Gift Card Update

Washington State Looks to Generate Revenue By Selling Others' Stocks

Examples of Unclaimed Property: Uncashed Checks, Dormant Accounts, Suitcases Full of Cash

New Quebec Unclaimed Property Act

Unclaimed Property News Roundup:

Meet Your (New) Escheators - Unclaimed Property Related Election Results

Unclaimed Property News Roundup

New York Regulators Team Up to Investigate Unpaid Life Insurance Benefits & A Scorecard Update

What Have We Learned?

Unclaimed Property News Roundup

Delaware Keeps AAA Credit Rating With Other People's Money

Better Business Bureau Warns of Unclaimed Property Scam (via LA Times)

Even Hospitals Need An Unclaimed Property Checkup

The Check Is In (or for) the Mail

Unclaimed Property News Roundup

Unclaimed Property Audit of Philadelphia Sheriff's Department Uncovers $50 Million

Mini Escheat Departments, Part II - Unclaimed Child Support Payments

Mini Escheat Departments at Lower Government Levels

Florida Unclaimed Property Action Nets More Than $1 Million for Public Schools

$78 Million in Found Money Returned in Japan

Ohio AG Signals Potential End to Dispute Over Interest

Unclaimed Property Crime Blotter V - This Time, it's an Inside Job

Washington Sets Owner Reunification Records

Wisconsin State Treasury Taking Steps to Increase "Unclaimed Property Awareness"

Meet Your Escheator: South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis M. Loftis, Jr.

West Virginia's Treasurer Pens Op-Ed on Unclaimed Property Auctions

Programming Note: Meet Your Eschator Coming Wednesday

Unclaimed Property in British Columbia, Canada

West Virginia Treasurer to Offer Holder Workshop

Another Record-Breaking Year for Nevada's Unclaimed Property Department

UP Police Blotter: Wisconsin Lawyer Charged With Unclaimed Property Fraud

New York Controller Goes On TV To Talk About Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property ("Bona Vacantia") in the UK

At the Missouri State Fair: Racing Pigs, The Doobie Brothers, and Unclaimed Property

Tips for Claiming Abandoned Property From Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Back From Vacation - Illinois Shortens Payroll Dormancy Periods

Warning About Unclaimed Property Scams (& Some Claiming Tips)

Did You Know? NFL Lockout Edition

Kenyan Financial Institutions Express Concern Regarding Proposed Unclaimed Assets Law

Rhode Island Changes State Notice Requirements - Check the Fine Print

California Issues Quarterly Newsletter; Veiled Threats

North Dakota Holding $32 Million

Factors That Trigger Unclaimed Property Audits

Show Me State Continues to Break Records for Owner Reunification

Life Insurance Probe Scorecard - Nevada Brings in $1M and Investigation Expands to 20

Life Insurance Probe Continues - New York Gets In On The (Martin?) Act

Illinois Unclaimed Property Vault Opening July 11th

Did You Know? - Going to Mars

International Unclaimed Property: Australia

Wisconsin Unclaimed Property Auction Underway

Breaking News: Nevada Passes New Law Targeting High-Dollar Holders

Texas Unclaimed Property Changes Become Law

Unclaimed Property Goes Primetime (or, at least Daytime)

Bills to Shorten Dormancy Periods Sent to Governors in Illinois & Texas

Unclaimed Savings Bonds

News Report About Sacramento's Use of Unclaimed Property to Balance its Budget (Video)

Vermont Takes in $9 Million in Unclaimed Property

UPPO Hosting Holder's Seminar - July 25-26 in Boston